The Controversies of The Legend of Korra

If you’re an Airbender lover, you shouldn’t view the Legend of Korra immediately after The Last Airbender is released by Netflix. Spoiler alert: It will likely disappoint. The legend of Korra, on its own, is not bad.

Problems that are controversial

It’s a great series in so many ways, but it shouldn’t necessarily be seen as the direct successor to Avatar : The Last Airbender. I have a lot of friends that started watching the Legend of Korra long before Avatar and fell in love the animations and the settings. It has a lot of problematic and controversial issues. They will be easy to notice if you have just watched The Last Airbender.

The Legend of Korra, originally intended to be nostalgic miniseries to pay homage to fans of avatar: the last air benter. The only thing we see is a small glimpse at what happened with team avatar. We get information on Katara and avatar, but we also get some Beifong-like tough vibes. We know little about Sokka, Mai, Ty Lee, or Suki’s private life.



The legend of Korra destroys the story of Aang the Last Airbender. Korra finishes the avatar cycle, losing the experience and knowledge of all previous avatars.

In the Legend of Korra, special bending skills like lightning bending, metal bending and even blood bending are all common. Special bending being commonplace reduces the significance of the exceptional bending abilities in The Last Airbender. It’s less impressive in legend of korra if everyone can do special bending.

Villains & Continuity Issue

Avatar : The Last Airbender was a finnish tale. It had a goal for Aang to achieve, which is to defeat Vatu (basically an analogy of Satan and korra’s world) and defeat him.

The Legend Of Korra Is Now On Netflix

All other Korra wins in book 2 seem to be okay. Zaheer, Kuvira and others were strong but Korra was already the victorious opponent in two seasons prior to the final. This is only one reason why The Legend of Korra appears so random. If the last airbender feels like a trilogie, the only seasons in legend of Korra that have a proper connection are books 3 and 4, while book 1 and 2 are almost completely unconnected and feel more like independent stories.

What is the point of the first book if the seasons that follow are not affected by it? Was the first season just an introduction to the main characters? We’ll probably never find out. There are some similarities between the second and third seasons, but I felt that the epic end to book 2 was the final chapter of the entire series. This would have been a pity since the majority of Korra’s character development occurs in books 3 and 4.



Relative Ship Problems

The relationships that team avatar had in the last airbender are not the same as the ones between team avatar members and legend of korra. Even the non-vendor Sokka played a vital role in the team of team avatar of the last airbender. Aang, Katara and Sokka were all valued members of this team.

The legend of Korra has Asami, the non-bender from the team, disappearing for half the season. No one cares. It doesn’t seem like the team avatar of legend of korra is required to stay together in the early seasons. Not for a greater purpose, not even for friendship. Even in last year’s season finale, when Asami and Korra become a couple, it seems like there wasn’t enough build-up to the relationship. We would have liked to have seen them as a couple for a longer time instead of them trying to win Mako’s heart over and over.

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Enjoy Good Things

The last season was the most popular, but if you only focus on that cast then you’ll forget about all of the awesome characters from the entire series. Varric, Julie and Bolin Suyin are good characters, as is Batard Jr., but the antagonists Aman, Kuvira, and Unalak, who have ambitions, can be confusing. The characters make legend of korra unique, even though Korra and her friends Mako, Bolin, Asami, are not as appealing to viewers as they will be in later seasons.

After avatar the Last Airbender, it is not recommended to watch. Aang’s tale sets such high expectations that it is difficult to cope with what Korra offers in the first book. It is more mature. The last airbender also has mature themes, but the world in Korra is more complicated. Even though you could end a war to bring about eternal peace, defeating one of the strongest beings on the planet doesn’t guarantee that there will not be more villains trying to gain power. This makes Korra’s legend more real than The Last Airbender.

Story Different

The Last Airbender has elements of both a tale and a fairytale. However, the story of Avatar is more wise. After Aang won his victory, the events in the Legend of Korra took place. If you watched the film immediately after The Last Airbender this might make it seem like a world that has lost its magic.

It was as if Aang’s friends and the harmony they reached at the end of the journey had vanished right before your very eyes. As long as the atmosphere of the Legend of Korra is not the same as the Last Airbender, both shows are great and magical. It’s possible that this is the best way to view these shows. Don’t look for any connections, just enjoy both the Legend of Korra and the Last Airbender as separate stories. You’ll be able to appreciate the second one more without spoiling your enjoyment of the first. What do you think? Did you watch the two shows immediately after one another? Did you enjoy it this way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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