What You Need to Know About Collecting Japanese Anime Toys

The popularity of Japanese anime shows and movies is on the rise all over the world, leading to an increase in the number of individuals who want to own a piece of their favorite anime comics. The world of anime toys is extensive and varied, ranging from Funko Pops and PVC figures to plushies, action figures, and trading cards. In this article, we’ll uncover the different types of Japanese anime toys, explore why people collect them and what it takes to start collecting them.

What Are Japanese Anime Toys?

Japanese anime toys are toys inspired by characters from Japanese anime movies, manga, comics, and shows. These toys come in different forms, budgets, and preferences, ranging from small PVC figures to large-scale action figures and from plushies to trading cards.

The most popular type of Japanese anime toy is the action figure. These are detailed models of characters from the shows, complete with multiple points of articulation to enable collectors to pose them differently. Some are even more elaborate and come with accessories or interchangeable parts, making them more customizable than PVC figures, which are the other type of Japanese anime toys without articulation. These figures feature intricate designs, and they’re usually made of high-quality materials with a higher price point.

Another popular type of Japanese anime toy is plushies. These soft, cuddly toys are designed to look like characters from the show or movie. They come in different sizes and materials, including cotton and polyester. While they don’t possess the same level of detail as the other types of toys, they are cheaper and more suitable for younger anime fans.

Why Collect Japanese Anime Toys?

People collect Japanese anime toys for various reasons. First, they provide tangible representations of their favorite anime characters, allowing them to display their love for the show physically. Collecting these toys could also be an excellent way to pay tribute to the characters, especially if they hold emotional significance for the collector.

Secondly, many Japanese anime toys are produced in limited quantities, making them scarce and, therefore, valuable investments. Collectors can hold on to them for years and sell them off for a significant amount of money.

Lastly, collecting Japanese anime toys can be a rewarding and fun hobby, strengthening the connection between the collectors and the fandom. It can also improve critical thinking skills, as collectors often conduct research before deciding which figures to incorporate into their collection.

Starting Your Japanese Anime Toy Collection

Starting a Japanese anime toy collection is relatively easy. The first step is to determine the type of toys you want to collect, focusing on action figures, PVC figures, or plushies. Then, conduct research on different brands and manufacturers to better understand what’s available and make an informed decision.

You can quickly acquire Japanese anime toys online using platforms such as Amazon or eBay, as they offer a diverse array of options from different manufacturers. When purchasing toys, it’s essential to verify authenticity to avoid counterfeit products that can be challenging to distinguish from genuine items. Look out for official branding, such as the official logo of the manufacturer when conducting a purchase.

When you’ve collected your toys, you can showcase them by displaying them on shelves or in cabinets. Many collectors invest in display cases and lighting to highlight the unique characteristics of their collection.


Collecting Japanese anime toys can be a thrilling way to celebrate and appreciate your favorite characters. Starting a collection takes patience, research, and dedication, but it’s a fun and worthwhile hobby that’s easy to get into. With our guidelines, you’ll have all the information you need to get started on your Japanese anime toy collection journey.

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