The Speedrunning Community of Resident Evil 4: Strategies and Techniques

Resident Evil 4 is a title that has withstood the test of time. Nearly 16 years since its release, the game continues to be an all-time favourite for many gamers around the world. With classic gameplay elements like the addition of quick-time events (QTEs), the over-the-shoulder camera perspective, and intense survival horror gameplay, Resident Evil 4 is a masterful piece of video gaming history.

Not surprisingly, Resident Evil 4 has also attracted a dedicated and passionate speedrunning community. Speedrunning is the act of attempting to complete a game as quickly as possible within certain conditions, such as a particular game mode or difficulty level. Although speedrunning has been popular since the early days of gaming, it has since garnered widespread attention and support, with dedicated communities forming around individual games to push the envelope and find new strategies and techniques to complete the game in the shortest amount of time possible.

Resident Evil 4 has been no exception to this trend, with a vibrant and passionate speedrunning community that continues to explore every corner of the game in order to push the boundaries of what is possible. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at this community, their strategies and techniques, and the ways in which they’ve managed to shave precious seconds off their completion times.

The Foundations of Speedrunning

Before we get into the specific techniques and strategies that the Resident Evil 4 speedrunning community has developed, it’s important to understand some of the foundational elements that speedrunners use to push past the limits of conventional gameplay.

One of the main principles of speedrunning is to abuse online glitches, which can range from exploit bugs or using programmed glitches to aid progression in the game. For example, speedrunners discovered the “stair skip” sequence breaking glitch that allows the character, Leon, to jump over a staircase in the castle area, essentially opening up a new path, and saving a few seconds off the completion time.

Another important principle is the concept of “sequence breaking.” This means that a player will intentionally skip a portion of the game that would typically be required to continue on to the next area. Speedrunners have used sequence breaking to great effect in Resident Evil 4, often skipping entire cutscenes or areas that would have taken time to explore in order to save precious seconds in a speedrun.

Finally, speedrun strategies often involve maximizing a player’s ability to move swiftly through levels while also avoiding damage or unnecessary animations. This includes moving at full speed without excessive turns or hesitation, as well as keeping your thumbstick no more than halfway tilted to avoid Leon from slowing down. Quicktime events or QTEs, which typically force players to react quickly to avoid damage, are another critical part of a speedrunner’s strategy. A small mistake in any of these areas can set back a speedrunner’s progress by valuable seconds or even minutes, so it’s critical to have a precise level of control over every aspect of gameplay.

The Techniques of Resident Evil 4 Speedrunning

Resident Evil 4 is a game that offers multiple options in both in-game upgrades for weapons, equipment, and character upgrades. Speedrunners often spend countless hours perfecting their strategies to unlock every secret and exploit possible to get the best out of their runs.

One dominant technique that the Resident Evil 4 speedrunning community has adopted is the concept of a “knife-only” playthrough. As the name suggests, this means that players will attempt to complete the game without ever using firearms or other weapons, relying solely on Leon’s signature knife to defeat enemies. This technique is, without a doubt, one of the most challenging methods to complete Resident Evil 4.

Utilizing hidden “treasure” items, which can be found throughout the game, is another technique that speedrunners often employ to save time. These treasures can be sold to provide funds for in-game upgrades, which can aid the player in getting through the game faster. Similarly, utilizing the game’s dynamic merchant feature – played by ‘The Merchant’ – to their best advantage can be key to completing a speedrun successfully. Be it buying exclusive weaponry with resources gathered or selling loot of expendable value to fund more valuable items.

Speedrunners have been known to develop incredibly nuanced strategies for specific sections of the game, such as the castle area, which is notorious for its difficulty. Techniques such as using boxes – which can be pushed across floors to hide traps or hazards – and timing jumps over gaps or ledges are common for players completing a speedrun through the castle area. Of course, the section of the game that is most often discussed is the notorious “Regenerators” in the mining area. These zombie-like creatures are incredibly hard to kill, and speedrunners often employ specific strategies like opening up doors to “reset” the creature position and using a specific weapon to deal massive damage. Utilizing specific weapons and ammunition can be critical to completing the game in record time.

Finally, speedrunners spend countless hours optimizing movement, exploring edges of maps to find precisely-timed jumps that skip certain sections of the game, and taking the most optimal paths. These optimal paths for each area include hitting targets or triggers at the precise moment to activate certain events, and enemy movement manipulation via line of sight exploitation; while also making the most out of running and reloading animations, “overwriting” game files to skip cutscenes and so on.

The Resident Evil 4: Speedrunning Community

Despite the challenges that come with completing a game as complex and lengthy as Resident Evil 4, the game has still managed to attract dedicated speedrunning community. These individuals spend countless hours researching, optimizing routes and tuning techniques in order to shave seconds off their completion times. They then upload videos of their successful speedruns to YouTube or other platforms, where they can share their strategies with other passionate gamers from around the world.

Maintaining these records and building a sense of community is key to driving the speedrunning community in Resident Evil 4. The community has its fair share of events and competitions, often reaping rewards of cash and merchandise for the top performing runners.

Challenges in Maintaining the Community

A major challenge that the Resident Evil 4 speedrunning community has faced has been the progression of newer games in the Resident Evil series. As every new game releases, even tactics from past games get tested alongside the technical advances brought around. Inevitably newer games will lead to more competitive speedrun categories, such as deaths or time trials, leading to a competitive divide, which some mods are quick to suppress.

Despite the challenges of maintaining interest in an older game’s speedrunning community, the passion still remains with dedicated players pushing boundaries and testing new strategies to this day.


In conclusion, the speedrunning community of Resident Evil 4 is a vibrant and passionate group of players. They continue to explore every inch of the game, pushing the boundaries of what is possible while also forming connections and building a sense of community around this amazing 16 year old game.

Resident Evil 4 offers a unique challenge, with its nuanced gameplay mechanics, hidden secrets and the ability to customize character upgrades. The community has used specific techniques such as knife-only runs, treasure hunting, and hidden gem discoveries for in-game secrets, as well as exploiting glitches and sequence breakage, amongst many others.

There is no doubt that the Resident Evil 4 speedrunning community will continue to grow and develop in the coming years. With the passion and dedication they bring to the game, we can certainly look forward to more incredible achievements, featuring in newer technology and online events that celebrate the game’s legacy.

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