Befor I start, I want to assure you that this won’t be a self-serving, boastful thing where I only talk about myself. Just to set the stage, I want to share my background and explain why I am so passionate about this. Please accept my apologies – I am working on something really exciting! Many consider me […]

Top 5 Anime Series with Controversial Endings

Anime has become an immensely popular form of storytelling throughout the world. The themes and the stories presented in anime have the power to strike an emotional chord with the audience. The plot, characters, and the ending are the critical elements that make an anime series complete. While some anime endings leave the audience satisfied, […]

“Chainsaw Man” Author Promotes Yaoi Manga on Twitter

The world of manga is diverse and never-ending. Each year, hundreds of new manga titles are released, catering to different demographics and targeting different markets. Among this vast array of titles, one genre that has become increasingly popular is yaoi or BL (Boys’ Love) manga. And it’s not just fans who are taking notice of […]

“Why Anime Toys Are So Popular: Understanding the Worldwide Craze of Collectibles”

Anime toys, which depict characters and scenes from popular Japanese anime shows and movies like Naruto, Sailor Moon, and Dragon Ball Z, have captured the hearts of fans worldwide since the late 1970s. These toys come in a variety of types, sizes, and shapes, ranging from detailed action figures to plushies, and keychains. Nowadays, anime […]

“Solo Leveling” Anime Trailer Released: Watch It Here

Solo Leveling has been making waves since it was first introduced as a webtoon back in 2018. And now, the anime adaptation is in the works, with a trailer having just recently been released. To say that fans are excited about this anime adaptation is an understatement. The level of excitement is palpable, as has […]

The Controversies of The Legend of Korra

If you’re an Airbender lover, you shouldn’t view the Legend of Korra immediately after The Last Airbender is released by Netflix. Spoiler alert: It will likely disappoint. The legend of Korra, on its own, is not bad. Problems that are controversial It’s a great series in so many ways, but it shouldn’t necessarily be seen as the direct […]

Environment and Art Design in “The Last of Us”: Creating a Unique World

“The Last of Us” is a post-apocalyptic video game that takes place in a world overrun by a fungal infection that has turned most of humanity into mutated creatures called “infected.” The game stands out for its immersive and unique environments that create an authentic and believable world. The environment and art design techniques used […]

Dororo: A Journey of Discovery

Dororo starts on a dark, stormy night during feudal Japan. Daigo (or candidate to be the worst father in history) Kagemitsu, a daimyo and 48 sealed demons make a deal. Kagemitsu offers the demons a deal they can’t refuse in exchange for power, money and prosperity to his kingdom. Hellions are offered the choice of a body part of an […]

How to Take Beautiful Photos of Your Anime Figures

Anime figures are the perfect way of showing off your love for anime and manga. Taking beautiful photos of your anime figures not only lets you showcase your collection but also allows you to create stunning artwork. It can be a challenging task to take photos of your figures that capture their essence and beauty. […]

Where Can You Watch Anime Online in 2023?

Anime has had a massive growth in popularity and viewership in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. The genre offers a variety of stories and characters, intense action scenes, and thought-provoking themes. If you are an anime fan, you’ve probably asked yourself the question, where can you watch anime online in 2023? […]

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